Rabbi Michael Lerner on Israel-Palestine

Rabbi LernerThe escalating violence in Israel-Palestine, particularly in Gaza is weighing heavily on the heart of the world at this time. Nonviolence is still an option in these times, it is still happening in our midst, and in this episode of Peace Paradigm Radio, we look at that nonviolence as a sign of hope and a sound that humanity is awakening to the utter impracticality of violent etribution cycles. After nonviolence in the news, PPR host Michael Nagler interviews his dear friend, Rabbi Michael Lerner, founder of Tikkun Magazine and co-founder of the Network of Spiritual Progressives, about his views on the conflict and what people can do to get involved to help. 



1. Join the Network for Spiritual Progressives;

2. Follow and subscribe to Tikkun Magazine;

3. Learn everything you can about nonviolence;

4. Get out there and have the hard, but needed conversations about nonviolent alternatives with your neighbors.

Enjoy the show.

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