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Nonviolence, the Holy Land, and Beyond – Podcast

This episode begins with Nonviolence in the News, your source for resources, news, and analysis that the mainstream media just doesn’t understand. Next, Michael and Stephanie play a recent interview conducted with Ali Abul Awwad, founder of Taghyeer (‘Change’), the Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement dedicated to development needs and opening a path to resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He… read more

Walls Can Fall Down- Podcast

This week on Peace Paradigm we are joined by guest Claire Anastas, a Palestinian from Bethlehem whose house has been surrounded on three sides by the separation wall. She discusses her home and family, her resistance and collaboration against the wall and occupation, as well as a story about meeting Banksy while he was painting… read more

Bringing Nonviolence to NCUR

Mercedes Mack with Professor Cynthia Boaz

Photos: Professor Boaz and me; me presenting at the conference I have been learning under Metta Center board member Professor Cynthia Boaz since December 2014, working on research about the implications of media frames on nonviolent struggle—specifically the ongoing nonviolent struggles against occupation in Palestine. This past week, I presented my findings to faculty and… read more

Israel and Palestine Can Never Be Secure Until Both Are Secure

Published on Truthout on August 4, 2014. Palestinian children try to pull a praying carpet out from the rubble of the Imam Shafi’i Mosque in Gaza City, Aug. 2, 2014. (Photo: Sergey Ponomarev / The New York Times) In The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas, the short story by Ursula Le Guin about an imaginary… read more

Why Being Human Matters, for the People of Gaza and the World

Published on Saturday, August 02, 2014 by Waging Nonviolence By Stephanie Van Hook   The Xhosa concept of ubuntu, combined with the Arabic word intifada — as seen in  this graffiti on the “separation” wall in Bethlehem — roughly translates to mean: uplifting human dignity through nonviolence. (WNV / Van Hook)   Dr. Mona El-Farra, medical doctor… read more

Rabbi Michael Lerner on Israel-Palestine

The escalating violence in Israel-Palestine, particularly in Gaza is weighing heavily on the heart of the world at this time. Nonviolence is still an option in these times, it is still happening in our midst, and in this episode of Peace Paradigm Radio, we look at that nonviolence as a sign of hope and a… read more

Pre-boarding to Tel Aviv: a lesson in nonviolence

“There is no real security except for whatever you build inside yourself.” – Gilda Radner – “You’re not going to change the world from the airport,” my friend wryly counseled me at the Metta office, just a few weeks before we left for Israel-Palestine. “Focus on getting into the country–keep your answers short and to the… read more