Students United for Restorative Justice (Feb 21–Full Show)

All the nonviolence that’s not fit to print…

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Peace Paradigm Radio features a news segment on nonviolence in the news and this week’s is particularly interesting as our news anchor, Michael Nagler, shares not only some stories, but what he looks for when sifting through news from the nonviolence angle.


Every two weeks we come away from Peace Paradigm Radio with the feeling that “today’s program was special.”  It’s never fit better than today, when we interviewed four teenagers (Zola, Sunce, Zach and Sam) from Santa Rosa High School who have started Students United for Restorative Justice (SURJ).  Even though we had met with them before and knew how passionate they were about RJ, we were pleasantly surprised and impressed by their clarity and the astuteness with which they were able to understand the fix that society has put them in – almost cultivating violence through our mass media, etc., then punishing the most vulnerable people who succumb to it.  This show will give you hope, and fuel your urgency to build a better world. Visit their Facebook page here.

students united for RJ

 Sunce, Zola, Sam and Zach from Students United for Restorative Justice with Michael, Lukas and Fancy. (Stephanie is taking the photo!)