Roadmap Basics


How many times have you heard someone say, where do we go from here? ROADMAP  just might be an answer. Roadmap is a strategic plan drawing on Gandhian principles for long-term nonviolent transformation with the potential to unite all of our various projects and passions without sacrificing their individuality.  The goal is to effect a transition from spontaneous protest to unstoppable movement.  It will draw upon our individual capacities for constructive and, where necessary, direct resistant action and reinforce the unity-in-diversity of the awakening consciousness around social change. “We all belong here.”

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*The Story of Belonging, or what is termed “new story” on the wheel, frames the worldview that answers the question of “why” we think that human beings are worthy of a more dignified future than the one we perpetuated in the paradigm of radical separation (aka “old paradigm/story).

  *This webinar explains the thinking that went into the strategy, reviews the various parts of the model and presents examples and explanations from each wedge of the model.

*This is a place to review the materials and begin commenting and connecting with other individuals and organizations. While it is in BETA form as we search for more sophisticated software to represent Roadmap, it’s about making critical connections to get started. Also make sure to visit the entire Metta Center for Nonviolence website.

*Stay in touch with the Metta Center, get updates about new developments in nonviolence and in the Roadmap project.


“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path…”

–The Buddha