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Metta in San Diego: Roadmap Workshop!

Roadmap mandala

  Attention Metta friends in San Diego! Stephanie Steiner, Metta’s Director of Education, will be having a Roadmap-themed workshop at the San Diego Peace Resource Center on Saturday, October 22 from 10am to 1pm. She would love to see you there! Participation is free. Register here! About the workshop: Nonviolence is much more than simply… read more

From the RNC to the DNC and BEYOND – Podcast

This week on Peace Paradigm Radio we delve into the realm of US national politics. First we speak with Elliott Adams, of Meta Peace Team, about his trip to the RNC. Conflict is normal and even healthy, but violence is not. Hear Elliott tell us why he was at the RNC (Republican National Convention) and… read more

A Cuppa Tea and Fundraiser in San Rafael, September 21 (International Day of Peace)

A Generosi-Tea party and fun(d)raiser to celebrate nonviolence in our world and what we can all do to be the change. ~Some additional information~  Metta’s Mission:  Our mission is to promote the transition to a nonviolent future by making the logic, history, and yet-unexplored potential of nonviolence more accessible to activists and agents of cultural change… read more

Michael Nagler Speaks at Dominican University of California

Michael Nagler, President and Co-Founder of The Metta Center for Nonviolence, visited Dominican University of California on April 3rd. He gave a presentation and spoke about the roadmap and the New Story. Listen to it right here, but note: the recorder lost power at the end so it cuts off abruptly. We will work on… read more

Lake Junaluska Peace Conference Talk

Watch as Michael Nagler, the President and Co-Founder of The Metta Center for Nonviolence, speaks at the Lake Junaluska Peace Conference about The Metta Center, the New Story, the roadmap, and future directions for the organization and nonviolence.… read more

Download the four sessions of the Roadmap Course

We recently hosted a four-week telecourse on nonviolence, activism and the Roadmap. You can download the four sessions by topic below: the first session on Nonviolence with Michael Nagler, please click this link and the download will begin the second session on Roadmap, please click this link and the download will begin. the third session on the New Story, please… read more

Roadmap Basics

WE ALL BELONG HERE: ROADMAP–A STRATEGY FOR LONG-TERM NONVIOLENT TRANSFORMATION How many times have you heard someone say, where do we go from here? ROADMAP  just might be an answer. Roadmap is a strategic plan drawing on Gandhian principles for long-term nonviolent transformation with the potential to unite all of our various projects and passions without sacrificing their individuality.… read more

Where do you belong in Roadmap? Connect here.

“There are no roads to peace. Peace is the road.” –M.K. Gandhi Now that you have downloaded a copy of Roadmap, explored the “Story of Belonging,” and read the “pledge of nonviolence,” here’s where you make the critical connections about your work and where you find yourself currently on the Roadmap. Our goal is to… read more

Building the nonviolent community: a global dialogue

Building the Nonviolent Community: A National Dialogue   a free teleconference dialogue * advanced registration required   September 11, 2012 8:00 – 9:30pm ET / 5:00 – 6:30pm PT   Please join the Metta Center for Nonviolence, the National Peace Academy, September 11th Families for a Peaceful Tomorrows, and individuals from around the globe for an inspiring evening of… read more


The charkha, or spinning wheel, was the physical embodiment and symbol of Gandhi’s constructive program. It represents Swadeshi, self-sufficiency, and at the same time interdependence, because the wheel is at the center of a network of cotton growers, carders, weavers, distributors, and users. .  It also embodied the dignity of labor, equality, unity, as all volunteers were… read more