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“The opposite of love”–Daily Metta

November 5: “I am trying every moment of my life to be guided by ahimsa, by love.” –Gandhi (Harijan, January 12, 1934) Hafiz asked Rabia, “O Daughter of God, is hate the opposite of love?” She replied, “No. Love has no opposite.” Rabi’a, the 7th Century mystic from Basra (not yet Iraq) and founder of… read more

“Gandhi in a nutshell”–Daily Metta

October 14: “Our bodies are the real temples rather than buildings of stone.” –Gandhi (Harijan, January 4, 1948) If there is one quotation of Gandhi’s that could rival the misattributed, paraphrase Be the Change that we all know and love, it’s this one from 1948. Uttered a couple of weeks before he shed his body,… read more