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Resentment: Daily Metta

“I would warn Satyagrahis that such resentment is against the spirit of Satyagraha.” ~ Gandhi, speech made at Madras, March 18, 1919 The nonviolence of Gandhi’s conception challenges us to transform resentment. This goes beyond our words and actions, and penetrates directly to our state of mind, what some people would call “our thoughts.” The… read more

“The opposite of love”–Daily Metta

November 5: “I am trying every moment of my life to be guided by ahimsa, by love.” –Gandhi (Harijan, January 12, 1934) Hafiz asked Rabia, “O Daughter of God, is hate the opposite of love?” She replied, “No. Love has no opposite.” Rabi’a, the 7th Century mystic from Basra (not yet Iraq) and founder of… read more

“Begin with the mind”–Daily Metta

June 15: “Nonviolence to be a potent force must begin with the mind.” –Gandhi (Young India, April 2, 1931) One day a young man approached Gandhi and told him that someone  hit him, and he felt humiliated but did not fight back. Wouldn’t “Bapu” (a term used to address Gandhi, meaning father) be proud of him… read more