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Self-sufficiency: Daily Metta

“We do not want to universalize the Charkha through mass production in one place.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, October 20, 1946 The spinning wheel, Gandhi was firm, should not become a centralized product that makes spinners dependent on someone far away to manufacture or fix them. They should be built in the villages directly, and every… read more

Humble Work: Daily Metta

“And it was (a brave widow of Gujarat) who discovered, at Vijapur in Gujarat a few Mussalman sisters who were prepared to spin if she would take the yarn from their hands.  From that moment began the great revival which is now covering over fifteen hundred villages in India.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, Oct. 13,… read more

“Taklis and the Art of Education”–Daily Metta

September 4: “The principle idea is to impart the whole education of the body and mind and the soul through the handicraft that is taught to the children.” –Gandhi (Harijan, June, 11, 1938)   The takli is a little handheld spindle that has ancient origins. It is not quite what is known as a ‘drop… read more

“Teaming up”–Daily Metta

August 10: “If it is [our] privilege to be independent, it is equally [our] duty to be interdependent.” –Gandhi (Young India, April 25 1929) A friend recently offered an approach to peacebuilding and nonviolent resistance that I thought fascinating: working together in teams of two. The idea is ancient, he said, thinking about the Jewish… read more