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Fine Line: Daily Metta

“Fasting cannot be undertaken against an opponent. Fasting can be resorted to only against one’s nearest and dearest, and that solely for his or her good.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, September 30th, 1926 Gandhi recurred to the topic of fasting from time to time because it is subtle, and powerful. When you fast—we’re thinking particularly… read more

“Faith in our capacity to choose”–Daily Metta

August 28: “An act bears a good fruit only when it is done with sincerity and an awareness of its purpose and meaning.” –Gandhi (Day to Day with Gandhi, vol. 6, p. 33) In Gandhi’s spiritual guide book, The Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, reveals to Arjuna, who represents you and… read more

Basics of Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication is one way of applying the principles of nonviolence into our way of being in the world, and it facilitates our deepening relationships with others when the practices are internalized and made fluent by the person trying to use them. In this series of videos, Marshall Rosenberg, founder of the NVC practice, introduces… read more

Coercion vs. Persuasion

Coercion vs. persuasion is a term used to compare tactics. It is the description of two possible means to an end. Ideally, nonviolence works by opening the heart of the opponent, in other words, by persuading them to voluntarily change their belief or action. Coercion on the other hand, employs threat power so that one… read more