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Poor People’s Campaign and more

“We as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a “thing‐oriented” society to a “person‐oriented” society.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.   David Hartsough, Executive Director of Peaceworkers, author of Waging Peace, and long-time nonviolent activist joins Nonviolence Radio to talk about the Poor People’s Campaign,… read more

“Gandhi’s philosophy”–Daily Metta

November 25: “My philosophy, if I can be said to have any, excludes the possibility of harm to one’s cause by outside agencies.” –Gandhi (Harijan, July 25, 1936) Whenever he talks about the full power of nonviolence, Gandhi is sure to tell us that the first observance we must acknowledge is, the cause must be… read more

“What a smile did”–Daily Metta

November 4: “Not an ounce of nonviolent energy is ever wasted.” –Gandhi (Harijan, January 11, 1948) Mrs. Hartsough (the mother of one of my nonviolence mentors, David Hartsough) stood day after day in front of Hanford WA nuclear plant, to try to reach the conscience of those who worked there with a group of other… read more

“Not by reason alone”–Daily Metta

February 12 “The conviction has been growing upon me that things of fundamental importance to the people are not secured by reason alone, but have to be purchased with their suffering.” –Gandhi (Young India, 3-19-1931)   Gandhi does not hide the very unpopular fact that when one decides to undertake nonviolent discipline, one is preparing… read more

Stand your ground

by  STEPHANIE VAN HOOK   Poet Maya Angelou once said that courage is “the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” It takes courage to “stand your ground” and I am not talking about the law in Florida (or others like it around the country) which cruelly allows… read more