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Gandhi’s Influence on Dr. James Farmer

The legacy of Mahatma Gandhi goes well beyond the Indian Freedom Struggle. He has influenced countless movements and struggles for freedom and democracy around the world, decolonization struggles, including the civil rights movement within the United States. We speak with P. Anand Rao who is a professor of Communications and Digital Studies at the University… read more

A force from within: Your Daily Metta Weekend Videos

In this first video, Michael Nagler discusses a story about marchers during the American Civil Rights Movement who drew on a power from within that stunned police officers, unable to turn on the fire hoses. What was that power and how did it work? Find out. In this next video, he goes on to further… read more

“Michael wakes up”–Daily Metta

May 4: “Those who know anything of this matchless force should teach their neighbors to bear repression not weakly and helplessly, but bravely and knowingly.” –Gandhi (Harijan, 4-8-1939, p. 80) How did you come to realize the potential of the “matchless force” of nonviolence? My mentor’s story is one of my favorites. If you can… read more

“Not by reason alone”–Daily Metta

February 12 “The conviction has been growing upon me that things of fundamental importance to the people are not secured by reason alone, but have to be purchased with their suffering.” –Gandhi (Young India, 3-19-1931)   Gandhi does not hide the very unpopular fact that when one decides to undertake nonviolent discipline, one is preparing… read more

Women of the Civil Rights Movement

Take a moment and think of some notable American female leaders… Probably Alice Paul, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Blackwell, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Golda Meir are a few women that immediately come to mind. Now take a moment and think of female leaders of the Civil Rights Movement… Probably Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Diane Nash, Daisy… read more

MLK Day for Early Childhood with Songs

  If you are an early childhood educator, you bring music into the classroom on a daily basis. Do not miss the opportunity as you discuss the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the 1960s African American Freedom Struggle this month to bring songs to share. Find ways of incorporating gestures and… read more

Sitting with Luna

Today is the 15 year anniversary of the end of Julia Butterfly Hill’s nonviolent campaign to protect the Redwood trees of Humboldt County California from extensive logging. The town of Stafford in Humboldt California was a primary lumber producing town in northern California from 1885 to 1985. In 1996, Pacific Lumber Company (PLC) initiated a… read more

The Great Debaters

By: Mercedes Mack “Who is the judge?” “The judge is God.” “Why is He God?” “Because He decides who wins or loses. Not my opponent.” “Who is your opponent?” “He does not exist.” “Why does he not exist?” “Because he is a mere dissenting voice of the truth I speak!”   c. 2007, Directed by… read more

PACS 164-c Session 6

Topic: The Unity in Diversity of Gandhi and King Resource: Names and concepts list Video:   Audio:  http://archives.mettacenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/peace-and-conflict-studies-session-6.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS… read more

George Houser & Civil Rights–Podcast

We were honored to interview the legendary nonviolence activist George Houser on Peace Paradigm Radio (PPR) from his home at Friend’s House, Santa Rosa, California. He describes his long career in nonviolence activism, offers tips and strategic ways of thinking about our commitment to nonviolent struggles, and gives insight into history-in-the-making. Don’t miss this interview!… read more