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‘The Un-Shock Doctrine’ — or why we need a plan to rebuild

In times of uncertainy and turmoil, the only way to rebuild — rather than regress — is to have an alternative strategic plan. They had set the bar pretty high. The science students around the world who wanted to enter the contest to see whose rubber-band powered airplane would fly furthest saw that even to… read more

Service as Power: Daily Metta

“Power that comes from service faithfully rendered ennobles. Power that is sought in the name of service and can only be obtained by a majority of votes is a delusion and a snare to be avoided.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, September 11, 1924, p. 301 All human beings—dare I say, all living beings—need power, a… read more

“Empowerment–Gandhi style” –Daily Metta

March 5: “Some Englishmen state that they took, and they hold, India by the sword. Both these statements are wrong. The sword is entirely useless for holding India. We alone keep them.” –Gandhi (Hind Swaraj, p. 41) The lie that violence projects is that it is all-powerful, and once someone uses it against us we… read more