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“Nonviolence is a form of protection”–Daily Metta

July 17: “I believe in the sovereign rule of love which makes no distinctions.” –Gandhi (Harijan, May 25, 1947) [This post is a continuation of July 15 and July 16] Working with Gandhi, Sushila Nayar became intimately in touch with her fear–learning how and when to heed its warnings and how to overcome its promptings… read more

“Humanizing our so-called enemy”–Daily Metta

April 10 “No man can look upon another as an enemy unless he first becomes his own enemy.” –Gandhi (Mahatma, Vol. 7, p. 204) In nonviolence, we don’t need to turn enemies into close, dear friends, but at least we can turn them into human beings. Such a transformation is not simply an ideal–it can… read more

Fear and Fearlessness: The Halloween Episode – Podcast

  In this Halloween episode of Peace Paradigm Radio, we explore the topic of fear (and fearlessness) as it relates to strengthening our resolve in nonviolent action with story telling and analysis. The show begins with fearless stories of nonviolence in the news and has some Halloween appropriate music peppered throughout. This is a fun… read more