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Paradox of Repression

Repression tactics often backfire. Nonviolent actors can learn from this dynamic to strengthen their strategy for action. Lee Smithey, Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Swarthmore College, joins Nonviolence Radio to discuss the concept behind his latest book, co-edited with Lester Kurtz, The Paradox of Repression. More on the Paradox of Repression at… read more

Recipe for Right Action: Daily Metta

“Under the ideal conditions the barrister and the bhangi should both get the same payment.” ~ Gandhi,  Mahatma, v. 8, p. 63 A bhangi is a sweeper, very low in the Indian caste system. Gandhi knows full well that people are born with different capacities, but he also knows that they are “all men born… read more

The Ethics of Nonviolent Action

Events in recent years such as the Arab Spring, Occupy movements and “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong, have contributed to highlighting various ways in which people form movements to bring about political and social changes they desire, despite the oppression they face from their own governments. Images of repression and violence, like the ones of… read more

Fear and Fearlessness: The Halloween Episode – Podcast

  In this Halloween episode of Peace Paradigm Radio, we explore the topic of fear (and fearlessness) as it relates to strengthening our resolve in nonviolent action with story telling and analysis. The show begins with fearless stories of nonviolence in the news and has some Halloween appropriate music peppered throughout. This is a fun… read more