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From Hate to Healing: Arno’s Transformation

In this episode of Nonviolence Radio, we broadcast a talk by Arno Michaelis from Shomerei Torah, a synagogue in Santa Rosa, California. Arno describes his personal journey beginning with his involvement in white supremacist hate groups to how he managed to turn his life around, and how others like him are capable of doing the… read more

For Courage & Unity: A Yoga Practice

Like every woman I know, I’m baffled by the Supreme Court nomination/confirmation process in the United States. I’ve run the gamut of emotions; I’ve traveled the peaks and valleys. I am, like far too many women I know, a survivor. It took me many years to be able to acknowledge it, let alone say anything… read more

Nonviolence as Strength: Daily Metta

“Destruction is not the law of the humans.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan in July 20, 1931 If destruction were the law of humanity, we would not feel remorse or regret when we harm others. Our bodies would not respond to violence with pain and stress reactions but with oxytocin. But that isn’t the case. Why are… read more

Peaceful Experiments: Newsletter

Time for Some Creativity Over the last five years, the US military budget has soared to new heights: $663.4 billion per year. Imagine what we could do—in any country—with a comparable budget for building peace. Time for some peaceful experiments! Read the October 7, 2015 newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter.… read more

When We Talk About Healing

What comes to mind when you think of the word “healing”? What opens in your heart as a result? Inspired by the tropical greenery outside my window (I live in Panama), I envision a lushly regenerating Earth. I’m also seeing subtle waves of compassion awaking the leaders of our military, prison, banking, media, and electoral… read more

“We want healers of souls”–Daily Metta

May 6: “We want healers of souls rather than of bodies.” –Gandhi (Young India 9-29-1927, p. 327)   There is no better time to plant the healing seeds of nonviolence than during early childhood. Children need examples of how to transform their frustration into words and other creative channels, and they are looking to us… read more

“Nonviolence as a Cure”– Daily Metta

January 14 “To remove the disease, we must first find the underlying cause. To find the remedy will then be a comparatively easy task.” –Gandhi (Harijan, 9-15-1940)   When tragedy happens, the mass media lure us into asking trivial questions that lead us ever further away from the cause.  What kind of bullet was he… read more

Collateral Healing

Collateral healing is a term coined by Michael Nagler as a counter to the euphemism “collateral damage” used by the military to refer to civilians who are killed or injured in increasing numbers in modern armed conflict.  Collateral healing refers to the fact that because nonviolent action injects positive energy into a situation it will… read more