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Why Does News Matter? Guest: Rivera Sun

Rivera Sun, author, activist, and editor of Nonviolence News, joins us to talk about the power and potential of sharing nonviolence news stories from around the world and gives insight into how we can all get involved in sharing the good news! In part two of the show, Michael Nagler offers his in-depth feature The… read more

How Did We Get Here From There?

MARTIN LUTHER KING, whose 90th birthday would have been around now, wrote Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? in 1967, after some hard-won successes in the struggle for the rights of Black Americans.  It is sobering to consider how far from community and close to chaos we have come. But it might… read more

THE POST: A (Somewhat Biased) Film Review

For full disclosure: I’m a long-term friend of Dan and Patricia Ellsberg, and I was a more distant friend but also admirer of Ben Bagdikian. I lived through the era depicted in The Post, and since I see very few movies I tend to have strong reactions to those I do. That said, I had… read more

A Different Kind of Power: Newsletter

Awakening the Power that Lies Within More than putting different people in power, nonviolence is about rousing a different kind of power in people. The commercial mass media system, with its violence and vulgarity, is an obstructive force to human progress because it completely denies that power. So we create media that tell the emerging… read more

“Hard questions, hard answers”–Daily Metta

“I refuse to believe in the journalistic cliche, ‘meaningless violence.'” Michael Nagler asks us to think more deeply about the causes of violence and encourages us to ask three hard questions. Comment, question, or reflect below!… read more

“Everyone a newspaper”–Daily Metta

November 27: “Let everyone become his walking newspaper and carry the good news from mouth to mouth.” –Gandhi (Mahatma, vol. 6, p. 2) As the British rallied popular opinion, funds and other support for its war efforts in the 1940s, they tried to downplay the resistance efforts within India. This included censoring the press–not allowing… read more

“Adel Termos’ Example”–Daily Metta

November 20: “Not to yield your soul to the conqueror means that you will refuse to do that which your conscience forbids you to do.” –Gandhi (Harijan, August 18, 1940) When Adel Termos went to the open-air market with his daughter in southern Beirut, he did not know that he would be called upon by… read more

“We are sick of blood-spilling”–Daily Metta

November 19: “I feel in the innermost recess of my heart…that the world is sick unto death of blood-spilling.” –Gandhi (Mahatma, vol. 3. p. 115) According to Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan in Why Civil Resistance Works, people avoid using violence if they do not have to, only resorting to it if they feel that… read more