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Humiliation Tactics and Shaming: Daily Metta

“Nonviolence is who we are.” In today’s Daily Metta video, Michael reviews the deeper dynamics of nonviolence and touches on ideas such as humiliation tactics and shaming as well as “work” vs. work while analyzing a long quote from Marshall Frady on Martin Luther King, Jr.  Please add your comments below. About Daily Metta Stephanie… read more

Humor but not humiliation: finding the sweet spot in nonviolent conflict resolution

By:  Michael Nagler  and  Karen Ridd Humor is a time-honored strategy in the repertoire of nonviolence, but we must learn to use it properly. Poke fun at the problem not the person. Credit: http://breakingstories.wordpress.com. All rights reserved. Five or six men stood over me yelling as I sat in a chair at the Ministry of the… read more