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“Progress without exploitation”–Daily Metta

October 5: “All motion is not progress. We have no reason to believe that the people of Europe are progressing.” –Gandhi (Young India, February 11, 1920) The movement for localism–swadeshi–in the Free India Struggle had an enormous purpose at its core: to deracinate exploitation itself, especially as it manifests through the unfettered accumulation of material… read more

“Independence from the bottom up”–Daily Metta

April 6: “Independence must begin at the bottom.” –Gandhi (Harijan, 7-28-1946, p. 236)   On April 6, 1930, the Great Salt March reached the shore in Dandi, 80, 000 marchers strong, to break the salt law in India, which stated that Indians did not have British permission to make salt from their own supply on… read more

The Practice of Peacemaking in Early Childhood

A Higher Education: The Practice of Peacemaking in Early Childhood-Brief Reflections. By Stephanie Van Hook A friend or spouse turns to you and says something unkind. How do you respond? Do you lash out with hurt and anger? Resentment? Or do you take a breath; perhaps even walk away for a moment, and return later… read more

Oceanic Circle

Oceanic circle describes Gandhi’s vision of social organization. Gandhi believed that for a nonviolent society to achieve a lasting peace, it must be organized in a decentralized way. In Gandhi’s own words: “Independence must begin at the bottom. Thus, every village will be a republic or panchayat having full powers. It follows, therefore, that every… read more