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Accountability Without Punishment

  How can we move beyond a paradigm of punishment? Nonviolence practitioner, mediator, and restorative justice workshop leader Joe Brummer joins Nonviolence Radio for a special show where he shares his experience as a victim of multiple hate crimes to helping people transform conflict and violence into opportunities for healing through restorative practices. (Nonviolence News Portion… read more

“Teaching in Gandhi’s Schools”–Daily Metta

September 8: “The teacher of Nai Talim will be a craftsman educationist, not merely one for the sake of his pay.” –Gandhi (Harijan, November 9, 1947) What about teaching in one of Gandhi’s ideal schools? What would one need to know or do? It almost goes without saying that we can be sure of the… read more

“Starting with nonviolence”–Daily Metta

September 7: “All of our problems have to be solved nonviolently.” –Gandhi (Harijan, April 30, 1938) Almost as an afterthought, but no less powerful for that, Gandhi points out that the schools of his conception, Nai Talim, would, not surprisingly, teach nonviolence to its pupils. As seriously as the schools of Mussolini and Hitler took violence as… read more

“Education of the Heart”–Daily Metta

January 22 “I do not believe that an education of the heart can be imparted through books. It can only be done through the living touch of the teacher.” –M.K. Gandhi (Young India, September 1, 1921) A nonviolent education requires the integral development of the whole person. Gandhi’s vision of a new education or “nai… read more

The Practice of Peacemaking in Early Childhood

A Higher Education: The Practice of Peacemaking in Early Childhood-Brief Reflections. By Stephanie Van Hook A friend or spouse turns to you and says something unkind. How do you respond? Do you lash out with hurt and anger? Resentment? Or do you take a breath; perhaps even walk away for a moment, and return later… read more

Creating a Culture of Peace

    We love this show. . . We are joined in the studio this week by Philip Hellmich, Director of Peace at the Shift Network and author of God and Conflict; and Andrée Young, Early Childhood Peace Educator at Red Barn Montessori. We discuss sowing the seeds of peace building in early childhood and its implications… read more

Nonviolence news, humor and the meaning of life

“Nonviolence is the greatest power at the disposal of humankind.” M.K. Gandhi   subscribe to our itunes podcast here In this week’s Peace Paradigm Radio, you will get your regular, delicious dose of nonviolence in the news with Michael Nagler to start you off. Then, we dip into the discussion of the power of humor–what… read more