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“Gandhi’s admiration of Jesus”–Daily Metta

December 16: “Jesus lived and died in vain if he did not teach us to regulate the whole of life by the eternal Law of Love.” –Gandhi (Harijan, January 7, 1939) A journalist once challenged Gandhi’s views on nonviolence suggesting that it is fine for personal issues but it could not work on a large… read more

“Gandhi’s lesson about Christ”–Daily Metta

August 22: “Whether you profess one religion or another is of no consequence.” –Gandhi (Day to Day with Gandhi, vol. 7, p. 50) The year was 1925. Gandhi sat (due to a health challenge at the time) before a college for Christian missionaries in India. The topic he had been invited to address was how… read more

Commitment #7: Loving No Matter What

  Commitment #7: Loving No Matter What: Even when my needs are seriously unmet, I want to keep my heart open. If I find myself becoming judgmental, angry, or otherwise triggered, I want to seek support in transforming my judgments and meeting others with love.   How can we love “no matter what?” Who really… read more