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Roundtable Symposium: November 10, 2016

After Confrontation, Then What? Nonviolence in the 21st Century The School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason University will be hosting this roundtable symposium and on the role and relevance of nonviolence to the social, economic, and cultural conflict challenges that new frameworks of violence—from terrorism to climate change—present in this century. Date… read more

Structural Violence

The term structural violence was coined by Johan Galtung to articulate the hidden violence in our midst, built into the structure of society itself and therefore more difficult to pinpoint and eradicate. It causes much suffering and can lead to conflict, war, and genocide. While direct, physical violence gets much more attention, the injustice that… read more

Exchange Power

Exchange power is the second of Quaker peace theorist and economist Kenneth Boulding’s “three faces of power.”  Exchange Power comes into play in most of our every-day actions, for example, economic transactions when we say, “I will give you Y, if you perform or yield X.”  Exchange Power may or may not be coercive, so… read more