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Justice: Daily Metta

“Justice should become cheap and expeditious. Today it is the luxury of the rich and the joy of the gambler.” ~ Gandhi, Mahatma, v. 4., p. 182 Sigh. It has been a long “today.” Here the lawyer, Gandhi, is citing an important example of a general rule that Socrates adduced nearly 2500 years ago (it’s… read more

“Economics of Justice”–Daily Metta

January 15 “True economics is the economics of justice.” –Gandhi (Gandhi paraphrasing Unto this last, pp. 50-53, from Sarvodaya, p. 33)   (After reading John Ruskin’s Unto this Last Gandhi established Phoenix Settlement in South Africa.)  A woman steps out of her limousine in front of a five star hotel. Money is falling out of her pockets… read more