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Campaign Nonviolence: Call Recap

Each month, Campaign Nonviolence (CNV) hosts a National Conference Call to build community and share ideas for participating in CNV’s upcoming Action Week in September. April’s call was held yesterday. Moderated by activist/author Rivera Sun, the 60-min conversation packed in plenty of inspiration and take-action tips. At the start of the call, Ken Butigan (Pace… read more

Mexican Activist Pietro Ameglio & More – Podcast

Photo: A mother holding up a sheet with the missing students’ photos.  In this episode of Peace Paradigm Radio you will hear an inspiring piece on nonviolent direct action and interfaith organizing from Ken Butigan of Pace e Bene and Campaign Nonviolence. You will meet Mercedes Mack, Metta intern, writer and researcher on the history of… read more

Direct Action: Homelessness is not a crime

Direct action to change the San Francisco Matrix Policy and the challenge of the criminalization of homelessness  Subscribe to our podcast here.    Ken Butigan of Pace e Bene and Campaign Nonviolence talks to the Metta Center about how he was a part of a direct action campaign that used creativity to change a dehumanizing… read more

The next phase of Sheik Jawdat Said’s nonviolent journey

By Ken Butigan, originally posted at Waging Nonviolence on June 7, 2012 In the midst of the growing firestorm engulfing Syria, Sheik Jawdat Said is on his way back to the land of his birth. The eminent 81-year-old Islamic thinker has championed nonviolence for decades. In 1966, as Bashar Humeid reports, Said published The Doctrine… read more