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A Network for Integral NV and Direct Action

Ever felt out of place in a so-called nonviolent action? You're not alone. This week we're joined by Morgan Curtis and Chris Moore-Backman, who are working on a nationwide "yet-to-be-named network" for nonviolent direct action at the intersection of racial healing and climate justice with an integral approach to nonviolence.… read more

“Awakened Public Opinion”–Daily Metta

February 9 “An awakened and intelligent public opinion is the most potent weapon of a Satyagrahi.” –Gandhi (Young India, 8-8-1929) Gandhi felt that it was necessary in a nonviolent action to get the public to pay attention to what one is doing. His faith in human nature was such that when they observed the dynamic… read more

Nonviolent Dissent and Accompaniment

A Prerequisite to a World Beyond War: Nonviolent Dissent and Accompaniment In this talk recorded on September 27, 2014 in Petaluma, California, activist, author and peace journalist Kathy Kelly discusses the everyday realities of living with war and encourages us to use these stories to think more critically–and nonviolently– about security, safety and justice.  … read more

Direct Action: California March for Democracy – Podcast

In this podcast on direct action, progressive organizer & co-founder of ‪99Rise‬, Kai Newkirk (pictured above) joins us to give us a look at some of the demands, strategic thinking, influences, and goals of the 99rise California March for Democracy. They are marching 480 miles, from Los Angeles to the State Capitol in Sacramento, to… read more

Direct Action: Ending a detainer policy, supporting immigrant rights

In this podcast on Direct Action, Jill Malone talks about a community victory to put an end to an unlawful detainer policy in Santa Clara County jails, thus growing support of local immigrant rights. Malone describes some of the challenges of the campaign and how they were overcome, and how the victory helped Santa Clara County campaigners… read more

Direct Action: Strategy, recruitment and creativity with Tom Hastings

  Tom Hastings is a journalist, a professor in the Conflict Resolution Dept. at Portland State, a long-time activist, and expert nonviolent strategist and theorist. In this short podcast in our Variations on Direct Action series, Hastings discusses the infinite creative potential of nonviolence, the power and necessity of a well-planned strategy, and discusses the interrelated… read more

The Creative Power of Nonviolence: a conversation with Tom Hastings

  In this show, we begin by exploring nonviolence in the news, where you’ll hear Michael express concern over some recent propaganda he heard at his gym about Fracking (hint: it linked it to nationalism), you’ll hear Stephanie express concern over Sarah Palin’s recent statement about water boarding (hint: it has to do with feminism),… read more

Direct Action: Challenging U.S. Militarism in the Heartland

  Kathy Kelly co-coordinates Voices for Creative Nonviolence, (www.vcnv.org) a campaign to end U.S. military and economic warfare. In this podcast on Direct Action, she offers an in-depth analysis and overview of a campaign she was involved in in the 1980s to challenge the U.S. military and inform the public of nuclear weapons in the Heartland.… read more

Direct Action: Homelessness is not a crime

Direct action to change the San Francisco Matrix Policy and the challenge of the criminalization of homelessness  Subscribe to our podcast here.    Ken Butigan of Pace e Bene and Campaign Nonviolence talks to the Metta Center about how he was a part of a direct action campaign that used creativity to change a dehumanizing… read more

Direct Action: Jeju, South Korea

New at Peace Paradigm Radio…This is the first interview in a series the Metta Center is conducting entitled “Variations on Direct Action.” Subscribe to our podcast here.  Listen to Joyakgol from Seoul, South Korea, talk to the Metta Center about the direct action activities used in the nonviolent struggle on Jeju Island, South Korea, to obstruct… read more