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“A Solid Basis for Nonviolence”–Daily Metta

April 2: “You cannot build nonviolence on a factory civilization, but it can be built on self-contained villages.” –Gandhi (1-20-1940, p. 423) As we transition toward a nonviolent future, Gandhi warns us, the way that we do business will need to change. A “civilization” based on the factory is no civilization worth speaking of, because… read more

“What is necessary?”–Daily Metta

April 1: “A Swadeshist will learn to do without hundreds of things which today he considers necessary.” —Gandhi (Selected Writings pp. 336-44)   Many people still feel that localism, or swadeshi, is a far-fetched, unrealistic notion. Certainly, it is not without its complexities, but it is not beyond us to strive toward it regularly, even… read more

A call for localism in nonviolent campaigns

Metta Center wishes to give voice to people who are fleshing out the fine points of nonviolent theory (and subsequent nonviolent action), by sharing thoughtful commentary on this topic when it comes our way. Here is a post from fellow peacemaker Barry Gan, which he recently shared with us and agreed to post to this blog. He’s asking us all… read more