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Urban Shield and Militarization of Law Enforcement

 These t-shirts were sold at the Urban Shield event in Oakland, 2014. This photo, of Berkeley law enforcement in military fatigues, was taken at Urban Shield 2011. Peace Paradigm Radio looks at Urban Shield and the militarization of the law enforcement agents in the United States. We are joined by Oakland activist Nichola Torbett to… read more

Ferguson: this is what losing democracy looks like

(orig. posted in Tikkun online) by: Michael N. Nagler on August 21st, 2014 Some time back in the early fifties the U.S. Navy conducted an “exercise” to test bacterial warfare…in San Francisco!  They sprayed bacterial agents into the fog over the Bay to “see what would happen.”  Sure enough, some people got sick, and one elderly gentleman died. … read more

Militarization in academe

by Michael Nagler | Originally published at Waging Nonviolence, November 29, 2011 The day after Mothers’ Day, May 14, 1961, the front-page picture of a Greyhound bus engulfed in flames galvanized the American public. It was Anniston, Alabama, and Klansmen had fully intended to burn the freedom riders alive. For the first time many Americans realized the… read more