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We feel each other’s pain–Daily Metta

“People would be likely to refrain from harming others if they knew that in doing so they were really harming themselves.” In this video Michael discusses the fact that modern science specifically neuroscience, specifically mirror neurons, confirm that fact that we feel one another’s pain. This is important because if people were more aware of… read more

Enemy #1: Daily Metta

“No man could look upon another as his enemy unless he first becomes his own enemy.” ~ Gandhi, Mahatma Vol. 7, p. 204 We make no apology for revisiting this quote from a Daily Metta in April of last year because of its inexhaustible profundity. After all, 1500 years earlier Augustine had said, “Imagine someone… read more

“Mirror Neurons and Nonviolence”–Daily Metta

July 19: “Ahimsa is a science.” ––Gandhi (Harijan, May 6, 1939) Modern scientific research has begun to corroborate Gandhi’s understanding of nonviolence as a science, or rather, to supply the scientific foundation for some of Gandhi’s core ideas. One such breakthrough is the discovery of mirror neurons in Parma, Italy in the 1980s in a… read more

“Science of Nonviolence”–Daily Metta

May 26: “I am a humble explorer of the science of nonviolence.” –Gandhi (Young India, November 20, 1924) Nonviolence: it’s a strategy for some, a moral imperative for others, a way of life for some more, but mainly for Gandhi, it was a science. Understanding that the fundamental basis of science is the spirit of… read more

Seville Statement on Violence

In 1986 a commission of social scientists from the international community authored the Seville Statement on Violence. The Statement addresses five key scientific misconceptions that form the basis for the “theory of innate aggression,” the once popular and still influential argument that sought to confirm, through inaccurate use of biological research, that human beings are… read more

Mirror Neurons

Mirror neurons in the brain fire not only when an animal acts, but also when an animal observes another animal act.  Brain scientists at the University of Parma discovered these neurons in the late 1980′s. The discovery was made using new, non-invasive technologies that enable scientists to detect the activity or firing of single neurons… read more