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Human Progress: Newsletter

Uniting Inner and Outer Work Human progress travels in two directions: the inner work we do as individuals and the outer work we do to create positive changes in the world. And you know what? These directions aren’t separate; they’re interdependent. Our June 19, 2016 newsletter includes links to our latest Peace Paradigm Radio show, plus… read more

“The education of a lifetime”–Daily Metta

September 16: “The child should never feel that he is being taught.” –Gandhi (Navijivan, June 2, 1929) When Narayan Desai, fondly referred to by Gandhiji as “Babla,” decided to quit the village school running on the colonial education system in favor of the “school” of working for Gandhi at the ashram, he was convinced it… read more

“A devoted student”–Daily Metta

September 15: “Childhood is the most important period of one’s life.” –Gandhi (Speech at the second Gujarat Educational Conference, in Broach, 1917) Narayan Desai, though he was the son of Gandhi’s secretary, Mahadev, called Gandhi ‘bapu’ or father, while his own dad was his ‘kaka’ or uncle. As a little boy living in the ashram… read more

“A glance at Gandhi on Marxism”–Daily Metta

August 19: “If you believe in true communism, you would have to give up violence.” –Gandhi (Mahadevbhai ni Diary, vol. 19) Both men of the 20th century, Gandhi and Marx sought the well-being of the world, and the Socialists and Gandhi worked together for various efforts, including the effort to prevent partition.  But there were… read more