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Permaculture and Nonviolence – Podcast

To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, a seeker of nonviolence cannot keep out of any area of life; you’re going to find yourself navigating all the paths that humans have created to sustain our life on earth either directly or indirectly because all systems and forms of life are interrelated. We’re going to find the principles of… read more

Nature’s Laws: Daily Metta

“Nature is relentless and will have full revenge for any such violation of her laws.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, March 12, 1925 Nature has its laws. Some we can see take effect immediately when they are violated, such as the pollution of a river; some remain unseen, such as selfishness and egotism (“nature,” you see,… read more

“Our Nonviolent Earth”–Daily Metta

August 20: “I want to show that what is useful can also be beautiful.” –Gandhi (Harijan, April 7, 1946)   As I took a long walk this evening with my neighbor’s dog, Fancy, beneath the oaks and redwoods, I thought about nature, her forces, her weather, and how it is often described as violent. I’ve… read more