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Permaculture and Nonviolence – Podcast

To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, a seeker of nonviolence cannot keep out of any area of life; you’re going to find yourself navigating all the paths that humans have created to sustain our life on earth either directly or indirectly because all systems and forms of life are interrelated. We’re going to find the principles of… read more

Unity in Diversity: Daily Metta

“We want to reach not the dead level, but unity in diversity.” ~ Yeravda Mandir The world is beginning to reawaken to the foundations of indigenous wisdom in agriculture, what some call “permaculture”: diversity is the expression of a thriving, healthy system. Monocultures weaken the environment, thus reducing security for everyone. Human beings are not… read more

What kind of growth?

In this blog-series accompanying our project of updating the Peace and Conflict Studies lectures (we call it PACS 164-c), Kimberlyn David reviews some of the key material of the course from a personal lens in an effort to generate personal reflection and the application of course content. There’s growth that increases stock prices, fosters consumerism,… read more


Wikipedia defines permaculture as “an approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in natural ecologies.” It is in this sense a special biomimicry ― a human designed ecological system based in a model of natural synergy, where harmony is maintained between the production of food, stewardship of the natural… read more