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Towards a Science of Nonviolence in Schools

What is a natural and social science approach to understanding and applying nonviolence, particularly as it manifests in schools that implement restorative practices? I’ll be addressing this question over the next year as a Metta Center for Nonviolence research fellow. In the meantime, it’s worth considering why a scientific perspective on this question is important.… read more

Nonviolence Education Call #1: Breaking Down Conflict

This summer, the Metta Center for Nonviolence is hosting a series on nonviolence education and building community that particularly focuses on how and why nonviolence can be particularly effective for reconciling conflict in schools. Special guest Robin Wildman, a nonviolence educator from Broad Rock Middle School in Rhode Island with 25 years of teaching experience,… read more

Nonviolence in Schools – Podcast

  This week on Peace Paradigm Radio, we speak with Robin Wildman about her experiences bringing Kingian Nonviolence into the public school system, both in the classroom and through teacher trainings. You won’t want to miss her story of how her journey into being a nonviolence educator, which began back in 2001, when Freedom Rider… read more