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“Yoga and nonviolence”–Daily Metta

June 21: “The object of the various exercises [of Hatha Yoga] was to strengthen and purify the body in order to secure control of the mind.” –Gandhi (Harijan, October 13, 1940) Before yoga was a quasi-spiritual, multi-billion dollar global industry of pants and other products, it was a sacred practice, developed to move the body… read more

Building the Peace Army: Research and Practice

“Armed peacekeepers are 12 times more likely to be killed in the line of duty than unarmed peacekeepers.” –Randy Janzen sharing some of his research on unarmed peacekeeping on this show… In today’s show we go into the concept of unarmed peacekeeping and its expression of building a “peace army” or “shanti sena” through nonviolence skills… read more

What would it take to start a Peace Army?

Reverend Barber of the NC NAACP calls those joining the mass protests of Moral Mondays at the NC state capitol, “a nonviolent volunteer army of love.” *** The Freedom Rides of 1961 saw some of the most iconic moments of the United States’ Civil Rights movement. Courageous, idealistic young people boarded busses to the segregated… read more