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Nonviolent Peaceforce: Defending Democracy

In this episode of Nonviolence Radio, Michael Nagler interviews Mel Duncan, the co-founder and Director of Advocacy and Outreach for Nonviolent Peaceforce, a world leader in unarmed civilian protection. Mel represents Nonviolent Peaceforce at the United Nations where the group has been granted consultative status. Nonviolent Peaceforce provides direct protection to civilians caught in violent… read more

A Nonviolent Alternative to War – Podcast

This week on Peace Paradigm Radio, we continue the conversation on the Just War Doctrine, and discuss how Nonviolent Peaceforce and activists in the Catholic Church are working (with success) to change the face of conflict as we know it. Eli McCarthy, Director of Justice and Peace for the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, and… read more

Nonviolent Peaceforce in Action – Podcast

Derek Oakley of Nonviolent Peaceforce  for joins us for this episode on Peace Paradigm Radio to tell his story of nonviolent resistance in the face of armed men in the middle of the civil war going on in South Sudan. We go into specifics on the training, the situation and the nonviolent principles that led… read more

Practical Idealism, Unarmed Peacekeeping-Podcast

This week we had the honor and distinct pleasure of interviewing TiffanyEasthom, whose experiences in Peace Brigades International (PBI) and Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP), where she was country director for South Sudan (!) gave us invaluable insight into the way Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping (UCP) has matured over the last 12 years.  Among other things, she shared dramatic… read more

“Nonviolent alternative to military and police”–Daily Metta

April 30 “The Congress should be able to put forth a non-violent army of volunteers who would be equal to every occasion where the police and military are required.” –Gandhi (Harijan, 3-26-1938) If we can train people in violence to serve in fighting and war, does it seem so impossible that we can train them… read more

Nonviolent Action and Unarmed Peacekeeping

Why are we conditioned to believe that violence is necessary? Is it? In Friday’s episode of Peace Paradigm Radio we explore the power of nonviolence organizing on both the grassroots and the international levels, with nonviolence in the news for Friday, March 6. Then, we are joined by activist, author and artist, Rivera Sun who… read more

Can unarmed peacekeeping work in Syria? It has in South Sudan

By Stephanie Van Hook, from Waging Nonviolence    Kenyan Nonviolent Peaceforce worker Peters Nyawanda in Sri Lanka. (Flickr/Nonviolent Peaceforce) Over the past few months there have been many discussions about alternatives to war and armed military intervention in light of the ongoing crisis in Syria. Those opposing military force have made alternative proposals that have included the… read more

Peace Paradigm Radio, October 18, 2013: Nonviolent Peaceforce as well as Immigration Justice and Reform

Stephanie and Michael just return from their trip to India and are glad to be back at KWMR for Peace Paradigm Radio. In this show, they share a nonviolence in history segment (a Lokashakti.org collaboration), and talk via phone with Gilda Bettencourt from the Nonviolent Peaceforce. In the second half,  they welcome to the show… read more

What would it take to start a Peace Army?

Reverend Barber of the NC NAACP calls those joining the mass protests of Moral Mondays at the NC state capitol, “a nonviolent volunteer army of love.” *** The Freedom Rides of 1961 saw some of the most iconic moments of the United States’ Civil Rights movement. Courageous, idealistic young people boarded busses to the segregated… read more

The Philippine Peace Agreement: Let’s Maintain Diligence

By S. Francesca Po, Metta Center Strategic Advisory Council member. She is currently a doctoral student of Theology and Religious Studies at King’s College London, where she is teaching modules on Buddhism. Edited and originally posted at Open Democracy on May 1, 2013. Last year, the Philippine government struck a historic peace deal with the Islamist rebels. But… read more