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She saved her friend’s life–Daily Metta

“Nonviolent actors have to find the residual humanity in their opponent and awaken it.” In today’s Daily Metta, Michael analyzes a dramatic story that took place in El Salvador when a Canadian volunteer with Peace Brigades International risked her life and ended up saving herself and her friend.     Add your comments below. About… read more

Practical Idealism, Unarmed Peacekeeping-Podcast

This week we had the honor and distinct pleasure of interviewing TiffanyEasthom, whose experiences in Peace Brigades International (PBI) and Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP), where she was country director for South Sudan (!) gave us invaluable insight into the way Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping (UCP) has matured over the last 12 years.  Among other things, she shared dramatic… read more

“Helping others feel secure”–Daily Metta

July 16: “If light can come out of darkness, then alone can love emerge from hatred.” –Gandhi (Satyagraha in South Africa)   [This post is a continuation of July 15] Gandhi’s personal physician during the last nine years of his life, Sushila Nayar, had a scientific mind and an open heart that lead her to… read more