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What Really Nourishes: Daily Metta

“The spinning wheel enables us to identify ourselves with crores. The millionaires imagine that money can bring them anything in the world. But it is not so.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, October 13, 1946 Money may buy us things, but it can never buy us love. Therefore, it can never satisfy us. The spinning wheel for… read more

Deepest Nature: Daily Metta

“And if we go deeply into the matter, we shall come across men in every walk of life who lead dedicated lives. No doubt these sacrificers obtain their livelihood by their work. But their livelihood is not their objective, but only a by-product of their vocation. . .” ~ Gandhi, From Yeravda Mandir, pp. 57-60… read more

What kind of growth?

In this blog-series accompanying our project of updating the Peace and Conflict Studies lectures (we call it PACS 164-c), Kimberlyn David reviews some of the key material of the course from a personal lens in an effort to generate personal reflection and the application of course content. There’s growth that increases stock prices, fosters consumerism,… read more