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One Reality: Daily Metta

“All religions enjoined worship of the One God who was all-pervasive. He is present in a drop of water or even in a tiny speck of dust. ~ Gandhi, Mahatma, 7. P. 115 Our Mahatma is seeing past the all-too-common misuses of religions to the One Vision shared by their great founders: that God is… read more

Potential: Daily Metta

“(Religion) is not a thing that is alien to us, but which has to be evolved out of us.” ~ Gandhi, Ashram Observances in Action, p. 76 By “religion” Gandhi here does not mean what you can gain by “reading the scriptures,” he explains, but a “heart-awareness” of the divine in things and people—and ourselves!… read more

Your Path: Daily Metta

“Truth is the exclusive property of no single religion.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, 9-25, 1924 “Spiritual monoculture” is an oxymoron. Any state or organization that tries to create this unnatural environment will only make itself, and its participants, insecure. Gandhi demonstrated in his own life that you can be true to a single path without… read more

Higher States: Daily Metta

“Religion of our conception, being thus imperfect, is always subject to a process of evolution and reinterpretation.” ~ Gandhi, Gandhiji’s Dialogue with Christianity, Swaraj Peeth, Chapter 2 Gandhi had a radical notion about religion and humanity. It goes like this: If humanity is not yet perfect, and humanity created religion, then religion is not perfect… read more

“Real Lovers of God”–Daily Metta

April 11 “I decline to be bound by an interpretation [of a religion], however learned it may be, if it is repugnant to reason or moral sense.” –Gandhi (Young India, 10-6-1921, p. 317) Gandhi’s favorite hymn, “Vaishnava Jana To” or “The True Lover of God,” was composed by 15th century Gujarati poet-mystic, Narsinha Mehta. So… read more

“Mutual Respect and Service”–Daily Metta

April 8: “My effort should never be to undermine another’s faith, but to make him a better follower of his own faith.” –Gandhi (Mahatma, Vol. 2, p. 343)   Throughout Gandhi’s life, especially in the early days, many of his friends wanted to convert him to Christianity, thinking that Hinduism–his own religion–was inferior. For example,… read more