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Agency/Freedom: Daily Metta

“Mere withdrawal of the English is not independence. It means the consciousness and the average villager that he is the maker of his own destiny, he is his own legislator through his chosen representative.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, February 13, 1930 We are familiar by now with the key doctrine that “no man loses his… read more

Invisible Force: Daily Metta

“A violent man’s activity is most visible, while it lasts. But it is always transitory… Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin are able to show the immediate effectiveness of violence… But the efforts of Buddha’s non-violent action persist and are likely to grow with age. And the more it is practiced, the more effective and inexhaustible it… read more

“Was Gandhi political or spiritual?”–Daily Metta

August 5: A [person] who aspires after [Truth] cannot keep out of any field of life.” -Gandhi (Autobiography) Gandhi had a little “anarchist” tendency in him, in spite of his deep commitment to democratic governance and the rule of law: he did not like being labeled. Any label, however convenient for some purposes, would be… read more