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Truth Be Told: Daily Metta

“Suspicion is of the brood of violence. Nonviolence cannot but trust.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, May 20, 1925 Nonviolence is never about changing another person directly. It’s always about changing ourselves in order to see more directly into the heart of a conflict and effect transformation there, which can, in time, change others. Truth be… read more

“We All Need Trust”–Daily Metta

March 14: “I believe in trusting. Trust begets trust.” —Gandhi (Young India, 6-4-1925, p. 193) The Buddha stated flatly that ‘trust is the best of relationships.’  In fact, it is so integral to who we are, that a lack of a healthy trust is a form of violence. For this reason, a discerning trust must… read more

Nonviolence Benefits Everyone…

When Gandhi was writing regularly in his newspaper Young India during the Indian Freedom Struggle, he would often receive letters from critics which would be somewhat insulting. His response to these critics would typically begin, “This letter seems to be intended as an insult.  However I choose not to take it as such,” and he would… read more