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NV Report July 31

Michael Nagler with the Nonviolence Report. Covering principles and strategies of nonviolence across the movement! Transcript here. In this episode — The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. Gandhi Research Foundation. Single mothers in Philadelphia are taking over abandoned public buildings. Indigenous Women’s Divestment Delegation Pushes Deutsche Bank for Fossil Fuel Divestment Amidst Pipeline Shutdowns,… read more

May there be harmony…

Emergencies can be times of emergence… I’ve been thinking, writing, and consulting with individuals and movements about the power of nonviolence for many decades, and I’ve never seen a time when it was more needed. Why do I say this? Because times of chaos and confusion are also times of fierce caring and connection. Emergencies… read more

‘The Un-Shock Doctrine’ — or why we need a plan to rebuild

In times of uncertainy and turmoil, the only way to rebuild — rather than regress — is to have an alternative strategic plan. They had set the bar pretty high. The science students around the world who wanted to enter the contest to see whose rubber-band powered airplane would fly furthest saw that even to… read more

Peace From Within

Here is Michael Nagler addressing the Heartfulness Center in Freemont, CA about the relationship between nonviolence and meditation and how, when these powers are harnessed, they can create a positive force for personal and global transformation. Every one of us can participate in this great shift. Please enjoy his talk below, share it on social… read more

To stop the cult of Trump we need to satisfy the human need for meaning

Like all cult leaders, Trump fills a certain void for his followers. Stopping him means providing pathways to sustainable forms of spiritual fulfillment. Because of my background in ancient religion and culture I have special reason to be alarmed by the frequent references to the psychopathology of the president and his followers as a “cult.”… read more