The ‘Real’ 9/11: a Celebration

Gandhi_MettaSome of you may know that this is the 103rd anniversary of the birth of [[Satyagraha]]: September 11th, 1906 at the Empire Jewish Theater in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Not the birth of the principle, which as Gandhi said was already ‘as old as the hills,’ but the launching of his mighty ‘experiments with Truth’ — in this case the power of Truth in political struggle.  And what was — and still is — that truth?  Simply put, that all life is an interconnected whole, and that the man or woman who becomes aware of and acts in accordance with that truth wields enormous power for wisdom and justice.  (Our latest definition of violence is ‘the failure to recognize the unity of life’, and of [[nonviolence]] is ‘the awakening of that living recognition’.

As Pancho said in the ‘Hope Tank‘ discussion this morning, this is not India’s or U.S.’s, it is humanity’s holiday.  Yet so few of us humans are aware of it.  If we were, we would be well on our way to a nonviolent future.  That is the work of Metta, and many of us around the world: to make humanity aware that it has a brilliant, nearly untapped potential, a cause fully worthy of our life.  Our booklet, Hope or Terror, is available to download on this site as a gift we are giving to the Earth Community; and we are here to work with you and offer you opportunities to work with us in liberating that potential.