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“The spinning wheel enables us to identify ourselves with crores. The millionaires imagine that money can bring them anything in the world. But it is not so.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, October 13, 1946

Money may buy us things, but it can never buy us love. Therefore, it can never satisfy us. The spinning wheel for Gandhi meant meaningful work. Everyone in the movement was asked to spin, and they did, rich or poor, so it meant a casting aside of the false status barriers in the drive toward a cooperative effort for a collective freedom. Work as the expression of love is an immense spiritual principle and it operates everywhere. We, too, can harness that power of love and unity in our movements by incorporating the power of work that transcends status and education, uplifts life, and provides everyone—billionaire and fast food worker—with something they can do every single day. Satisfied with what really nourishes—an ever-widening expansion of relationships—we will cease to exploit each other and the earth.

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