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One Family: Daily Metta

“Unity among the different races and the different communities belonging to different religions of India is indispensable to the birth of national life.” ~ Gandhi, CWMG, xxvi, p. 241 Substitute different political outlooks and change “birth” to “rebirth,” and you have a perfect description of our own need today. The advance of human evolution—and the… read more

Unity of Life: Daily Metta

“Leave the outward expression, the doctrine, the dogma and the form and behold the unity and oneness of spirit. . .Then there will be no need to divide this universe of ours between heaven and hell, no need to divide fellow-beings into virtuous and vicious, the eternally damned and the eternally saved.” ~ Gandhi, Young… read more

Unity, the Goal: Daily Metta

“Nonviolence does not signify that man must not fight against the enemy, [meaning] the evil which men do, not human beings themselves.”  ~ Gandhi, Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, vol. 8, p. 281 This is a core principle of nonviolence and Gandhi repeated it often (as we have seen). On more than one occasion he… read more

What Really Nourishes: Daily Metta

“The spinning wheel enables us to identify ourselves with crores. The millionaires imagine that money can bring them anything in the world. But it is not so.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, October 13, 1946 Money may buy us things, but it can never buy us love. Therefore, it can never satisfy us. The spinning wheel for… read more

As a Whole: Daily Metta

“Whoever tries to serve his private ends without serving others harms himself as well as the world at large. The reason is obvious.”  ~ Gandhi, Ashram Observances in Action, p. 68 Most of us do not grow up with the understanding that pursuit of private satisfaction and well-being, without regard for others, is in any… read more

The Law That Binds Us: Newsletter

The Law of Human Unity “Just as the law of gravitation existed before its discovery—and would exist if all humanity forgot it—so is it with the laws that govern the spiritual relations between soul and soul and between individual spirits.” Swami Vivekananda’s yogic words are a beacon on the illusion of separation: We may at… read more

Competition is not violent, separation is.

Here’s what we mean: The practice of integrating nonviolence into the quotidien is centered in the vision of the unity of life. When we engage with the vision of a unity between ourselves and others we see our well-being in theirs and we see their well-being as we work for our own. This is what… read more