George Houser & Civil Rights–Podcast

image002We were honored to interview the legendary nonviolence activist George Houser on Peace Paradigm Radio (PPR) from his home at Friend’s House, Santa Rosa, California. He describes his long career in nonviolence activism, offers tips and strategic ways of thinking about our commitment to nonviolent struggles, and gives insight into history-in-the-making. Don’t miss this interview!

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Notes on movements, individuals, reading and film further research mentioned by Mr. Houser on this program:

Union Seminary

The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It (a film) 


War Without Violence (book) (Krishnalal Shridharani)

Freedom Rides


Irene Morgan


National CORE

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Journey of Reconciliation

Americans for South African Resistance

Bayard Rustin

Bill Sutherland

Kwame NKrumah

Jim Farmer

AJ Muste