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Evidence of Our Senses: Daily Metta

“Somehow we refuse to believe in the evidence of our senses, that we could not possibly have any attachment for the body without the soul, and we have no evidence whatever that the soul perishes with the body.” ~ Gandhi, Letter to Meera Behn, May 4, 1933, p. 148 I very much enjoy the inescapable… read more

Fear of Death: Daily Metta

“A nation which allows itself to be influenced by the fear of death cannot attain swaraj and cannot retain it if somehow attained.” ~ Gandhi, Navijivan, October 1921 Gandhi likes to challenge us, doesn’t he? Here he suggests we cannot fear death and achieve lasting peace and freedom. Without understanding who we are and why… read more

Part of the Whole: Daily Metta

“This earthly existence of ours is more brittle than the glass bangles that ladies wear.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, February 2, 1934 When Death comes to take us, we return our bodies as dust to this beautiful earth. Nonviolence requires that we keep this in the back of our minds as we move throughout the day,… read more

“We were on the side of life”–Daily Metta

November 11: “Birth and death are not two different states, but they are different aspects of the same state.” –Gandhi (Young India, August 4, 1927) There is a bridge outside of Delhi with these words inscribed upon it: This is a Bridge. This is a Bridge. Do not make your home on it. In other… read more

Death and Nonviolence – Podcast

‘Tis the season to contemplate death as the cold and dark of the night lingers longer, the growing cycles come to an end and Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations are upon us.  Michael and Stephanie discuss nonviolence, death, and what they have to do with each other. What does the fear of death… read more

“A question of life and Death”–Daily Metta

October 30: “I know that death is inevitable, no matter what precautions man deludes himself with.” –Gandhi (Young India, July 2, 1931) There is a story from the Middle East about a man who runs right into Death in the marketplace, and Death backs away from him, clearly startled. The man doesn’t take the time… read more

“Life and Death”–Daily Metta

January 27 “Bereavement ceases to leave us desolate when the death of our dear one only spurs us on to a more vivid consciousness of our duty.” –Gandhi (Letter to Devdas, 7-24-1918, from Day to Day with Gandhi, vol. 1, p. 196) In a magnificent letter from 1918 to his son, Devdas, who was grieving… read more