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“Adel Termos’ Example”–Daily Metta

November 20: “Not to yield your soul to the conqueror means that you will refuse to do that which your conscience forbids you to do.” –Gandhi (Harijan, August 18, 1940) When Adel Termos went to the open-air market with his daughter in southern Beirut, he did not know that he would be called upon by… read more

“A question of life and Death”–Daily Metta

October 30: “I know that death is inevitable, no matter what precautions man deludes himself with.” –Gandhi (Young India, July 2, 1931) There is a story from the Middle East about a man who runs right into Death in the marketplace, and Death backs away from him, clearly startled. The man doesn’t take the time… read more

“Is nonviolence selfish?”–Daily Metta

August 17: “Selflessness may be the purest form of selfishness.” –Gandhi (Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, vol. xxvi) While there is much selflessness in the world today, thank goodness, there is nothing about nonviolent action that guarantees selflessness or altruistic intent. Most people would actually admit to engaging in such action for some personal reason:… read more

“Not afraid to die”–Daily Metta

March 20: “I am not afraid to die in my mission, if that is to be my fate.” –Gandhi (Harijan, 4-27-1947, p. 127)  Michael Nagler learned a lesson one day on campus at Berkeley when speaking before the military affairs class,  he put the “escalation curve” model on the chalkboard. At the far end of… read more