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Looking Beyond “Policing the Police”

I recently listened to an interview with filmmaker Stanley Nelson by NPR, “Policing the Police”: How the Black Panthers Got Their Start. As I listened to the interview, I kept circling back to parallels that can be seen as much today as then: our police forces are not made up of members from the communities… read more

Bringing Nonviolence to NCUR

Mercedes Mack with Professor Cynthia Boaz

Photos: Professor Boaz and me; me presenting at the conference I have been learning under Metta Center board member Professor Cynthia Boaz since December 2014, working on research about the implications of media frames on nonviolent struggle—specifically the ongoing nonviolent struggles against occupation in Palestine. This past week, I presented my findings to faculty and… read more

Black Lives Matter & Police Accountability

The killing of yet another unarmed black person by a white police officer is not being dismissed by local authorities as inconsequential this time around. Perhaps because stark evidence left them in a no-choice situation: The shooting of South Carolina resident Walter Scott by Michael Slager was captured on video, by a passerby who recorded… read more

Introducing… Mercedes Mack

As an intern at Metta Center, Mercedes Mack supports our mission in a variety of ways: she writes insightful, context-filled posts for our History blog; provides event and administrative assistance; contributes research and project ideas. She juggles quite a lot (and we’re incredibly grateful for her capacity to do so!). Mercedes is currently working on… read more