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Introducing… Mercedes Mack

As an intern at Metta Center, Mercedes Mack supports our mission in a variety of ways: she writes insightful, context-filled posts for our History blog; provides event and administrative assistance; contributes research and project ideas. She juggles quite a lot (and we’re incredibly grateful for her capacity to do so!). Mercedes is currently working on… read more

Traveling into the Heart of Gandhi’s Work

Photo of Mani Bhavan

While connecting with friends and supporters on Facebook earlier today, we noticed the following post by Benjamin Brown, who participated in portions of our Certificate in Nonviolence Studies and is currently in Mumbai, India. We found his post so touching that we asked his permission to share his words. We quote him directly. All photos… read more

For My Nephew: A New Kind of History

Photo of Gandhi at the Salt March

In this blog-series accompanying our project of updating the Peace and Conflict Studies lectures (we call it PACS 164-c), Kimberlyn David reviews some of the key material of the course from a personal lens in an effort to generate personal reflection and the application of course content. Comment boxes are open below! * * *… read more

Nonviolence news, humor and the meaning of life

“Nonviolence is the greatest power at the disposal of humankind.” M.K. Gandhi   subscribe to our itunes podcast here In this week’s Peace Paradigm Radio, you will get your regular, delicious dose of nonviolence in the news with Michael Nagler to start you off. Then, we dip into the discussion of the power of humor–what… read more

Sharing the Message of Nonviolence

After graduating from Oberlin College and briefly running away to join the circus, Anna moved to Madaba, Jordan to help found King’s Academy. She has since lived in South America, South California, and now the Bay Area. As a Quaker, she has been involved in nonviolence her whole life, but upon discovering PACS 168 she decided to pursue deeper work… read more

Could the Sea Be Conscious?

The deeper science peers into the universe, whether it be the remotest reaches of space or the sea’s depths the more we must marvel at the intricate, subtle, and marvelous texture of reality.  This study confirms for us once again that cooperation has been and remains a far more potent factor in life and evolution… read more

Badshah Khan and the Spirit of Islam

By Metta blogger PHILIP WIGHT  “You cannot help loving those that love you and you cannot hurt those that trust you.” –Badshah Khan Muslim nonviolence. For most, this phrase conjures images of the Arab Spring and stories of civil resistance in Tunisia and Egypt. But there is one man in history that most embodies this… read more

Reflections on a Double Strategy

Written for and originally posted at Service Space.    I know Cindy and Craig Corrie.  They were not seeking revenge when they brought a civil case against the Israeli government for the appalling death of their daughter Rachel, who was crushed under an Israeli military bulldozer when she was trying to protect a Palestinian home… read more

Timo, nonviolence and the Metta Center

Timo wrote explaining his work and life in Finland:   Since 1999, I have been working at Lapinjärvi Educational Center (LEC) (until 2008 as a full-timer, after that as a guest lecturer) and teaching Civil Service Men, i.e. conscientious objectors who refuse to do the military service. Finland is one of the few countries in… read more