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What a Satyagrahi Knows

This guest post was contributed by George Cassidy Payne, the founder of Gandhi Earth Keepers International. He is also a writer, a domestic violence counselor, and an adjunct professor of philosophy. George lives and works in Rochester, NY. You can follow him on LinkedIn. The most powerful force in the universe is not electromagnetism, gravity… read more

Bringing Nonviolence to NCUR

Mercedes Mack with Professor Cynthia Boaz

Photos: Professor Boaz and me; me presenting at the conference I have been learning under Metta Center board member Professor Cynthia Boaz since December 2014, working on research about the implications of media frames on nonviolent struggle—specifically the ongoing nonviolent struggles against occupation in Palestine. This past week, I presented my findings to faculty and… read more

“One Single Satyagrahi”–Daily Metta

February 26: “If one single Satyagrahi holds out to the end, victory is certain.” –Gandhi (Satyagraha in South Africa, p. xiv)   A person dedicated to “soul-force” or Satyagraha is a Satyagrahi. Gandhi reminds us that in Satyagraha, the struggle is less about numbers of resistors and more about the quality of our resistance. To… read more

“No Defeat in Satyagraha”–Daily Metta

February 11 “There is no time-limit for a Satyagrahi nor is there a limit to his capacity for suffering. Hence there is no such thing as defeat in Satyagraha.” –Gandhi (from the Satyagraha leaflets, No. 14., 5-4-1919) After awakening to the power of nonviolence, conducting many successful experiments in it, and refining some of its… read more

Alice Paul: Not Just a Radical

Who really was Alice Paul? This is the question that Zoe Nicholson, satyagrahi, feminist, scholar, and lifelong activist, spent over forty years researching and synthesizing to realize the woman from the sensationalized myth of a woman we have been taught about in school or that has been depicted in film. Through her research Nicholson found… read more

Three Gunas

The three gunas of the Yogic tradition are the three energy states of the phenomenal world, tamas, rajas, and sattva. Tamas is a state of apathy and inaction, rajas of excitement and activity, and sattva meaning law or balance, is a state in which detachment, or selfless action is possible. Tamas describes people who respond to… read more


A satyagrahi is a person who is dedicated to truth (sat, or satya), or more specifically one who offers satyagraha or participates in a satyagraha campaign. The requirements Gandhi laid down for his satyagrahis include: Having a firm commitment to nonviolence, simplicity, honesty, chastity, and self-discipline in thought, word, and deed. Holding firmly to the truth… read more