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“Friendship and Resistance”–Daily Metta

July 31 “We must combat the wrong by ceasing to assist the wrong-doer directly or indirectly.” –Gandhi (Young India, June 16, 1920) It’s interesting the way that Gandhi learned the strategies of non-cooperation only after having lived the consequences of not doing so. In this instance when he used the above language, for example, he… read more

“Duty of Noncooperation and Cooperation”–Daily Metta

January 7 “Sometimes non-cooperation becomes as much a duty as cooperation.” -Gandhi (Young India 1-19-1921) In Sanskrit, the word for “duty” is dharma. There is an expression repeated throughout the Indian spiritual tradition, ahimsa paramo dharma, nonviolence is the highest dharma, or duty. There should be no wonder why Gandhi was so keen on duties. It… read more

Slow Down, Slow Science

The Challenge of Education for a New Generation: Converting Swords into Plowshares “Where ignorance is your master, there is no possibility of peace.” The XIV Dalai Lama.   The scientific contributions of Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman were fundamental for the construction of the atomic bomb. Today, their reflections on the subject are also fundamental… read more