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Tools and Principles of Nonviolence: Workshop

“Nonviolence is the greatest power at the disposal of humanity.” ~Gandhi Conflict is inevitable, violence is not. In this workshop, we will dive into the transformative power of nonviolence, which, when properly understood and creatively applied, has the potential of solving almost all of the challenges of our modern world, especially the on-going menace of… read more

The Science of Nonviolence – podcast

  Did you know that Nonviolence is a science? This week the theme of our show is science. In this episode of Nonviolence Radio, Stephanie Van Hook challenges Michael Nagler in a game to find the science behind Nonviolent principles. They discuss, at length, neuroscience, social science, evolution, behavioral science and more! In the second… read more

Inner culture of nonviolence: Daily Metta Weekend Video

Michael Nagler discusses the famous scientific study by Wheeler and Fisk on predisposition for prejudice and the effects of humanization on the amygdala as he reviews the opening of Chapter 6 in Search for a Nonviolent Future.   About Daily Metta Stephanie Van Hook, the Metta Center’s executive director, launched Daily Metta in 2015 as… read more

Science of Nonviolence: Parent Power

Nonviolence has a scientific basis. Learn about a few recent discoveries in this short podcast. Listen in here or underneath the bio box below!           http://archives.mettacenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/parent-power-nv-science.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS… read more

Social Networks: Daily Metta

“Man is a social being. Without inter-relation with society he cannot realize his oneness with the universe or suppress his egotism.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, March 21, 1929 [swap man for “a person” and he or his for “she” or “her” where you see fit.] Much of what Gandhi said, based on his own awareness,… read more

Depth of Access: Daily Metta

“But I can boldly declare, and with certainty, that so long as there is even a handful of men true to their pledge, there can only be one end to the struggle, and that is victory.” ~ Gandhi, Satyagraha in South Africa, p. 99 The forces that govern the outcome of human events are as… read more

The Nonviolence Effect: Daily Metta

“I do not believe…that an individual may gain spiritually and those around him suffer… I believe in the essential unity of man and, for that matter, of all that lives.” ~ Gandhi, Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, p. 223 The concept of a spiritual “field” operating throughout spacetime in somewhat the way gravity does, or electromagnetic… read more

“The first step in nonviolence”–Daily Metta

October 24: “The very first step in nonviolence is that we cultivate in our daily life, as between ourselves, truthfulness, humility, tolerance, and loving kindness.” –Gandhi (Harijan, April 2, 1938) Nonviolence: in the minds of most people, it means either “being nice” or doing protests, direct action (no matter what the cause or the sentiments… read more

“Nonviolence as Ayurveda”–Daily Metta

February 17: “The whole world is like the human body with its various members. Pain in one member is felt in the whole body.” —Gandhi (Harijan, 5-26-1946, p. 154) (Click on image at left to read Gandhi’s Guide to Health)  Preventing disease and curing our bodies naturally is the goal of the 5,000 year old… read more

Nonviolent Action as Conscious Engagement: Science and Satyagraha for Contemporary Society

May 5, 2013 Time: 10-12 pm  Where: Lydia’s Organics Sunflower Center, Petaluma  Contemporary scientific research increasingly points to the interconnected nature of the universe, and highlights the power of conscious thought and action to interact with this universe. The wisdom traditions have honored the sacred unity of life for millennia, exemplified by their emphasis on… read more